Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Hilbert Law attorneys offer comprehensive real estate litigation services. Whether the matter involves the dirt, under the dirt, financing the dirt, building on the dirt, or selling/leasing the dirt, we have extensive experience. The business of real estate, however, can involve much more than the land. Often real estate litigation involves more complex and multi-faceted relationships requiring an attorney to have experience in business transactions and navigating contracts and relationships as well as litigation techniques.

Our attorneys have a combined knowledge in real estate law of over 70 years. There is virtually no real estate litigation matter that we have not handled or participated in some way.

Types of Issues

  • Purchase and sale agreement disputes
  • Commercial landlord and tenant disputes
  • Commercial evictions and dispossessory actions
  • HOA, COA, POA disputes.
  • Property Management disputes
  • Landlord – Tenant disputes
  • Materialman’s liens, bonds and lien contests
  • Construction & Contractor disputes
  • Quiet Title actions
  • Predatory Lending
  • Mortgage fraud and lender disputes
  • Wrongful foreclosure
  • Breach of lease options and buy-sell agreements
  • Water Intrusion claims
  • Zoning disputes
  • Mold claims

Featured Appellate Cases

Hash Properties, LLC v. Conway

Hash Properties, LLC v. Conway, 298 Ga.App.241,679 S.E.2d 799, 09 FCDR 2055, Ga.App., June 05, 2009 (NO.A09A0531). Attorney Hilbert defended lower court victory of Motion for Summary Judgment award in GA Appellate court. Awarded $40,000.00 in attorney’s fees in addition to Motion for Summary Judgment Order.

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Order Homes, LLC v. Allen Iverson

Order Homes, LLC et al v. Allen Iverson et al, A09A0931; Court of Appeals for the State of Georgia. Created Georgia precedent on enforcing arbitration provisions against non-signatory parties to a construction agreement.

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4 Atlantas Property Partners, Inc. v. Foxworthy, Inc.

4 Atlantas Property Partners, Inc. v. Foxworthy, Inc. et al, 2008CV160607, Superior Court of Fulton County. Court grants client’s Motion to Set Aside Judgment and held in complex Quiet Title and in real property case, that judgment obtained that was over 2 years old was proper to be set aside and judgment ultimately dismissed.

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Cornett Consulting, Inc. v. Susan D. Green v. Gail Downing, Tax Commissioner v. American Lien Fund, L.P.

Cornett Consulting, Inc. v. Susan D. Green et al v. Gail Downing, Tax Commissioner v. American Lien Fund, L.P.; 07-1- 7339-18; Superior Court of Cobb County. Dispute involves complex, several year, real estate litigation whereby HLF was hired 6 years into litigation and resolved matter in less than 60 days.

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